Date: 02 January 2017

Goa new year greetings

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

in Dharamkot, Dharamsala and in Arambol, Goa

The tide is high, the seagulls can be heard squaking from the other side of the creek where the sandy bank rises straight up to a dark green hill full of coconut palms. Suddenly the gulls fly up in a wave, encircle the bay & settle back gracefully.
The engine of one fishing boat is going on a high pitch, it seems to be stuck. One man has jumped out & is pulling the boat with all his force from the front. After an hour of trying with poles they have decided to pull it on to the bank.............  & Now It's clear why it got stuck........... It's full of fish! Another boat with passengers got stuck, the driver turned it around swinging it back out to sea, then returned more carefully.
The tide has started to go out. The "river bed" has diminished into a localised small stream. Millions of small crabs now come out into this sandy space covered with tiny holes & busily move around.
Had to stay in Goa, extending the stay for completion of dentist jobs & returning to start my retreat by mid January.
Sending All my best wishes for a peaceful & successful year.
With much love,
Sharat Anand