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"Postures and breathing of Hatha Yoga practices are there to bring about balance between Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon), so that blockages are removed and Prana, the life force, is able to flow everywhere equally."

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Confusion of the Mind

This is a strange topic. To me the mind means confusion. There are a few people who are not confused because they know how to harness their mind to derive all its power. We use only a fraction of the energy available to us, which when used to its potential can be applied through the retainment of memory and solving of situations.
1 October 2018

Body & Mind Connection

Connection between body and mind is there all the time. In fact, according to the Yoga philosophy, first there is mind, then there is body. First comes thought and that thought has influence on the body. The mind comprises all the things that we desire and all the things we dislike; all our fears about not having enough and not being
24 September 2018

Peacefulness Is Our True Nature

Peacefulness is our true nature, but because of all our wishes and desires that peace disappears. The path of yoga is the path of going back to the source, which is this peace. On the elemental level this body, this mind and everything comes from Space, which in the Chinese terminology is
13 August 2018

Realisation of What is NOT True

The process of yoga is to lose false identification with the sense of ‘I’ as we experience it, or ‘asmita’, as Patanjali calls it. There are 5 things which stop us from seeing the truth. These are fear, hatred, our desires, our sense of pride, ego, and ignorance about what is true. Until this is realised we are
6 August 2018