Welcome to the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre India

Founded in 1985 by our teacher Yoga Master Sharat Arora, the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre was the first Yoga School in both North Goa and Himachal Pradesh. Since that time Sharat Arora has taught and helped over 40,000 students.

At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre we practise and teach an evolution of Classical Iyengar Yoga, as developed by our teacher who was a long term student and assistant teacher for his Guruji BKS Iyengar.

About Iyengar Yoga Practice

His dedicated 7 years with Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar led him to explore and develop his own yoga practice in line with Guruji’s teachings of alignment & healing. The Yoga we practise and teach at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre is therefore an EVOLUTION of the Traditional Iyengar Yoga.

Master Sharat Arora’s relentless exploration led him to discover the importance of the foundations in Yoga Practice. From there the Yoga Asanas grow and alignment is found. The revelation about footwork and handwork is integral and specific to Master Sharat Arora’s style of teaching. This uniqueness and authenticity makes the HIYC one of the best Iyengar Yoga Schools in India.

Iyengar Yoga Courses & Training

We run a range of Iyengar Yoga Courses, Yoga Teacher Training, Intensive Courses and Silent Retreats at our Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centres and Yoga Ashram. All students starts with an introduction to the yoga method regardless of previous Iyengar Yoga Training or other Yoga Practices experience because of the subtle differences between these styles and what we teach. For students who wish to learn the method properly and take away a full Hatha Yoga Self-Practice, we recommend 3 weeks of classes at one of our Top Iyengar Yoga Studios or an equivalent 9-Day Intensive Yoga Course.

Students who are inspired to go deeper still are encouraged to visit our Yoga Ashram and complete an Intensive Courses or Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Course. We also offer shorter Intensive Courses, Silent Meditation Retreats, Yoga Therapy Courses, Yoga Workshop for Back Pain, Yoga for Vipassana Meditators, Yoga for Women and more.


Our Students Love Us

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Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo
When I came to HIYC for the first time I suffered from severe backpain, due to a minor birth defect in my lumbar and the hard mattrasses one encounters in most of the Indian guest houses. So I got myself a nice piece of foam to find rest in my sleep and started the training in HIYC. Things got better day by day and I was pretty happy. Back home, I continued to practice the Yoga method I was taught. Around a year later I decided to go back to India on a long term basis. I planned to buy a mattrass, beeing aware of the anomaly in my spine. But as I arrived in Dharamkot a little late in the evening, there was no point to go to a mattrass shop. I thought, 'fine, no problem for one night'. But it turned out that there was never a need for an expensive, orthopaedic thing! I've now stayed in India for about 9 months, and the mattrasses in India are still quite often hard as hell. But I am fine, got no backpain at all. Sharat Arora is a real expert in how to build up alignment in any posture, no matter what one's preconditions are.
jack mahones
jack mahones
I did a five day introductory course. It was an excellent investment of time. Our young ( well young to me anyways) I’m 66. Vishna was wise beyond his years. He was patient, attentive and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal and will return in January trainings. I strongly recommend this training to anyone seriously interested in competent instruction
Anna Polak
Anna Polak
The best teacher, the best yoga centre, the best place on the earth❤️
Sourav Jena
Sourav Jena
A stream full of priceless wisdom was shared in this Intensive Teachers Training course which I attended for 6 weeks under the guidance of Sharat Ji, Maria and all the assistant teachers. As a pre requisite to the TTC you have to do a 9 day intensive, to get a familiarity with the style of yoga we would be practicing. It is followed by a 3-week Intensive "Pranic Healing" course which is also a Silent course where you commit to yourself to be with silence (except for asking any questions to the teachers and ofcourse anything important). The silent course is held in the 'Himalaya Shanti Ashram' which is located at the foothill of a pristine mountain range in Dharamshala without any distractions. It is sort of a paradise if you love being in the wild and nature. You will learn all the amazing poses with the tiniest of details involved, which is what makes this course so unique. As Sharat, with all his passion and commitment toward yoga will guide you into discovering your body. The silent course is followed by a 3 week Teachers Training at the center in Dharamkot which is again at an amazing location where you are taught on how to impart this knowledge to other people. Having practiced yoga before, I found Sharat's approach very scientific, where you learn as you practice. There is immense focus on awareness, which is a learning for life as the true essence of yoga is to live in a state which is in sync with our true innate nature. I highly recommend this for anyone who is committed in self-development and finding balance in their lives overall. I have so much I can write but i'll perhaps leave it for a blog as this has become too long for a Google review already.
Athos Koukoulli-Rowe
Athos Koukoulli-Rowe
Sharat may have, centuries ago, been to Pune, but rest assured, if he were to walk through those doors again, his wake-up call would be swift and comprehensive. He’s not visiting Pune regularly. He’s not been getting up-to-date teachings. He doesn’t have peers to question him, there’s no one else there to challenge what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Nor does he have the confidence of more senior teachers to support his own growth. I will not make this a personal attack, but I need to address the malpractice you’re trying to subvert with his reputation in the iyengar method. Multiple senior Iyengar teachers in the UK, US and India have said he has seriously lost his way and has not, for a very long time, taught Iyengar yoga. You don’t teach sirasana, ever. And the stuff you do teach is substantially removed from the Iyengar method; you’ve said so yourself. So for you to attempt to defend him by invoking Iyengar’s mentorship in remedial work, whilst your studio disregards and butchers intrinsic parts of that very therapeutic system (they’ve turned Sarvangasana into something entirely ungodly) warrants no further scrutiny and is frankly, bloody shameless. It is, however, symbolic of the desperate lengths you’d go to cover up this sham. Let's be clear - your master's teachings are not revolutionary. To present the departures from Light on Yoga as the conscious next step brought forth by some master is straight-up delusion and patronising to anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer these classes. So you don’t teach Iyengar, you have no other Iyengar teachers on the timetable, yet you call yourselves Himalayan Iyengar yoga? How is that anything other than misleading? Pick up the phone, call Pune and ask on what basis, other than pure nerve and audacity, you can still warrant calling yourselves Himalayan Iyengar Yoga? Banking on a historic go-ahead from someone as justification is preposterous, and you know it is. Again you’re feigning reverence for someone’s word you seem markedly keen to ignore when it comes to, I don’t know, how to do asanas per se? The countless people you invoke pale insignificantly in the face of the multitudes across the globe; actual Iyengar teachers help every day. Their groundbreaking remedial work aligned with the methodology, is reviewed by peers, and who’s outcomes are collated from thousands of practitioners worldwide. As a sangha, we workshop ideas and through discourse, find out how best to develop remedial aids to help people recover and grow. What you’re doing is playing off people's notions of remedial Iyengar, and profiting from it. It’s unpalatable. What's more, you and anyone else on this merry-go-round are just riding the coattails of other people's hard work. You gave me a five-word reply to an email after I left due to the joke you called a class. Three hours for seven asanas with someone stopping the class halfway and asking if anybody wanted to buy lunch… that’s why I decided to leave. What's more, the only thing dropping out of that class was the decidedly infirm knee joints you and your trainees had from never actually doing a standing asana. Don’t twist my words. I said you hold contempt for Iyengar and his family, which you do. And apparently contempt for me, to paraphrase you: “Transparency about us not teaching Iyengar isn’t available on the website, nor the confirmation email. You need to travel here, pay a non-refundable fee and speak to one of our staff on-site about it.” You’re funny. Regarding how your trainees behaved towards me, it was intimidating and unfriendly. You don’t need to reprimand anyone. You just need to reflect. Iyengar method is simple yet profound. Asking people to forget what they know is akin to asking a child who’s moving schools to forget everything they know about maths before starting a new class. It’s senseless, anywhere you go in the world same basics; unless it’s with you of course, who are now so removed the basics no longer apply. Again I find it remarkable you trying to justify calling yourselves Himalayan iyengar Yoga.
Marcus Streichert
Marcus Streichert
I’ve done a teacher training at the HIYC. This TTC ist not the typical teacher training, it’s much more: It consists of a 9 day immersion course to learn Sharat’s yoga method (which is an evolvement of classic Iyengar yoga), a three weeks intensive course at a mountain ashram and a three weeks teacher training at the centre in Dharamkot. This Yoga Course might be a game changer for your life and your health. Sharat’s yoga is a quite profound approach to yoga, everything is about the correct alignment of the body. If you are already a yoga teacher and want to deepen your knowledge about correct asanas, alignment and prana flowing, this course is for you. If you want to help your yoga students that have problems with their health or have body issues, this course is for you (the course is titled „pranic healing“). If you feel your own body getting older and want to know how to keep it young and healthy, this course is for you. If you want to get motivation to implement a daily yoga routine into your life, this course is for you. To sum it up: I had a profound experience at the HIYC and I soon will be back. (Marcus, Munich)
Amer G
Amer G
Sharat, Maria, and all the other assistants/teachers have a strong passion for doing the asana's correctly. I can only recommend this (alternative) Yoga method which is the best to go internal (mentally) and re-align your body as well. I hope to be back soon.
נבו פרץ
נבו פרץ
I studied last month with a different kind of teacher, different from anything I knew. For more than 5 years I have been studying movement and therapy, qi gong, shiatsu, yoga... and in the last few months here I have been on a long course with him and went through processes of understanding that could have taken years. למדתי בחודש שעבר אצל מורה מסוג אחר, שונה מכל מה שהכרתי. למעלה מ-5 שנים אני לומד תנועה וטיפול, צ'י גונג, שיאצו, יוגה... ובחודשים האחרונים כאן אני בקורס ארוך איתו ועברתי תהליכי הבנה שיכולים היו לקחת שנים.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centres Dharamshala & Goa

At the Iyengar Yoga Centres in Dharamshala and Goa, we run weekly 5-Day Yoga Courses in the method as well as a range of longer and Special Yoga Courses and Workshops.

Dharamkot Yoga Centre

Dharamkot, Dharamshala 176219
Himachal Pradesh – India

Arambol Yoga Centre

#78 Khalchawada, Pernem Arambol 403524, Goa – India

Himalaya Shanti Ashram

Manyana, Kutharna P.O., Charri, Kangra District Dharamshala 176217, Himachal Pradesh – India