HIYC Community Yoga Pass

The special “Community Yoga Pass” is for all our long time students who have been with our yoga centre and practised the Sharat Arora Yoga Method for 30 classes and longer. This means any student who finished six full 5-Day Courses or an Intensive Yoga Course in our Himalayan Shanti Ashram with Master Yoga Teacher Sharat Arora is eligible to purchase the CYP.

Validity: 1 month

Cost: 10.000 rupees

The CYP is valid for 5-day course only.

CYP holders get 50% off any Special Class at HIYC ( Womens’s class, men’s class, Restorative class)

The CYP is registered on name and non transferable to other students or change in time after purchase

The CYP is non refundable.

CYP is a month membership