Student Testimonials


The intensive course was very special as it made me understand deeper the relation between body and mind, clearly understand how expanding the awareness in our body brings us to light and with the special corrections and touch of Sharat unblocked the unaware parts. Precise asana techniques were every day melted with deep spiritual knowledge. Thank you Sharat!




Dave 28, London, UK

Some yoga teachers, they can bend their legs behind their head. This is not what this yoga is about. Sharat finds other ways to make you work hard, he teaches asanas in such a way that everyone can do them safely, whilst taking you deep into the poses.





Richard Rolland, France.

This course was more than I expected, just amazing. The most valuable thing that I learned was the conection between my feet, my body and my breathing. I notice that I got better posture walking and standing after the course and as well no more pain in my right hip thanks to posture. Such a good teachings, I will be back. Thanks.





Gabriele Esenwein

In the 5-Day Course I learned to not make action with the mental body. There is a meditative focus to the asanas. I now feel more power in the feet and with it an ease of the body.

Thank you for the humour, it keeps the yoga from getting too serious.





Sylvie Bader. Spain.

I have done yoga since 20 years and I really learnt a lot in those 3 weeks here. I feel a real change in my body alignment and awareness. The courses go into deep details and you can see the healing part of yoga.