Student Testimonials

Sid Johnson

I never been done yoga and now I feel I have a really good grounding and foundation. I notice some changes in my body at least, certain muscles seem less tense, more relaxed. The teachers were very helpful, they come to help me and their corrections were always good.





Leo Zari

This course was better than I thought, the teachers were very professional. After a week my back got better, thank you very much!






Jessica, 43, Berlin

Before I came to HIYC I did yoga classes in India, Nepal and Germany. It was another kind of exercise in addition to the dancing, aerobics and cycling I love to do. But when I met Sharat, I found out for the first time that yoga is a spiritual experience. I became quiet in my mind, which for me was a new quality in my life. By the way, my body is * and more alive than it was ever before. I’m really grateful for what I got here. One of the main reasons to spend five months in Arambol every year is to continue yoga with Sharat.



Jeanette Fredenberg

I wanted to be more technical adjustments, which I got in this course. The most valuable I have learned it is the importance of using the feet. I notice better hips alignment and good sleep, specially after halasana. I recommend this course warming.





Alex Reid, Edinburgh, Scotland

Studying with Sharat is incredibly valuable, no matter how much, or what style of yoga you have practiced. His rigorous approach to the fundamentals of asana practice allows every student to develop and improve safely whilst increasing their understanding of the basic structure of each pose. One course at The Himalayan Iyengar Centre will change your approach to yoga.