Student Testimonials

Olga Lyskova, Khazakstan

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for over a year now, and I can say that I do it with more awareness. I can see a clear difference from my first course with Sharat in April 2009, I can do the asanas better, my body is much more flexible and I can relax more in the poses. I have a shoulder and arm problem, and Sharat’s therapy classes were very helpful.




Kirsten from Eckernfoerde (Germany)

I met Sharat 22 years ago in Colva Beach and Dharamkot, where I participated in a number of one week courses as well as a one month course. I learned a lot and kept practising the asanas regularly.

As I had no other Iyengar yogateacher, I lost a lot of the precise practise after so many years. When I came to Arambol, I joined the beginners class and I enjoyed the instructions. It was good for me to build up the alignment from the beginning again and I started to build up the asanas from my foundation again. Especially in the chest area I feel a lot more open now.

As I travelled on my own, I enjoyed staying in my hut in the quiet, peacefull and green yogacentre where I had a very relaxed and joyfull time.

The contact to my yoga colleges was intense, inspiring and full of peace.

Thank you to Sharat, Laila and the whole staff of the Himalaya Iyengar Yogacentre - you do a wonderfull job.


Nicolas Arbondo, Spain

I felt a change in my body after the first day of the Five-day Beginners’ Course. I felt more openness, clarity, and firmness on the ground. After the 5-Day, I really feel my foundation. I also felt the alignment in my body with the poses. I’ve discovered something fundamental in this course- that yoga is NOT suffering! And it can be fun. I’m very grateful for all that I’ve learned, this course has stimulated me to continue practicing yoga. Thank you.




Sebastian Arbondo, Spain

This course has been very helpful to gain an understanding of the body and how to align it. I loved the standing sequence, it was very detailed. It has changed the way I stand and walk! After the course I felt a lightness in the upper body and a nice feeling of being relaxed, calm and at ease.

I recommend this course to everybody, not only beginners but also advanced practitioners of other styles or sports



Stefan Steinmann, Switzerland

The most valuable thing I learned on this course was to go inward, and to connect with the Earth.






Ericka Sparber

I learned more about alignment of my feet, spine and posture with this course. I feel much more awareness in my yoga practice. The teacher and assistants were very helpful, they adjusted many students with a lovely attitude. I can’t wait to do more courses!





Michelle Younger, 27, UK

I really enjoyed the 5 day Beginner Course. The teaching was very clear and at a good pace. Now I understand the importance of the feet and will be aware of this in the future. I feel more aware of my body and taller! I hope to continue in the future. Thanks a lot!





Maria Johnsson, 24, Sweden

I liked the course, especially the fact that everyone was able to do almost everything without being an athlete.






Anubhuti Kapoor

Before coming to the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre I had never learned yoga. It was an entirely fresh experience for me, and one that I'm glad I had. At the HIYC, yoga is an art which infuses a new vitality in you. Every time you come out from a class, even though your stomach is probably growling, you feel like you have the energy to run a hundred miles and then some. You're fresh, happy, and full of life. It would not be enough to say that Sharat teaches you a few yoga asanas here. Personally, I have come away with a new will--to persevere, to believe that if I want, I can do anything in the world. He teaches us to respect our body, to understand the importance of taking care of our health. My experience here has opened new avenues of exploration for me, health-wise and spirituality-wise and I have learnt that it is not enough to introspect, but to truly let go and experience the world as more than just a physical entity. After just a one course, I have felt great changes in the way I face my everyday. I am more confident, I enjoy my life more, and people around me can also feel all these changes. I whole heartedly recommend that anyone who can to go ahead take out some time from their busy lives--even if it is just the week--to come and get a taste of this lovely experience yourself. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I did!


Johannes Hechenbichler

I also have to say "Thank you", because the Iyengar Yoga solved my problems in the knee and made it possible to walk on firm in my life.  I had knee problems since more than a year and withhin one week course the pain vanished and never returned since then. I try to do more in these days here in cold austria... but the best is, that I also try to implement the streching of the toes in my daily life routine.