Kirsten from Eckernfoerde (Germany)

I met Sharat 22 years ago in Colva Beach and Dharamkot, where I participated in a number of one week courses as well as a one month course. I learned a lot and kept practising the asanas regularly.

As I had no other Iyengar yogateacher, I lost a lot of the precise practise after so many years. When I came to Arambol, I joined the beginners class and I enjoyed the instructions. It was good for me to build up the alignment from the beginning again and I started to build up the asanas from my foundation again. Especially in the chest area I feel a lot more open now.

As I travelled on my own, I enjoyed staying in my hut in the quiet, peacefull and green yogacentre where I had a very relaxed and joyfull time.

The contact to my yoga colleges was intense, inspiring and full of peace.

Thank you to Sharat, Laila and the whole staff of the Himalaya Iyengar Yogacentre - you do a wonderfull job.