Trudi Levine

"This was my second year doing yoga at Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre; last year in Goa and this year in Dharmakot.  I have a history of a congenital back problem which surfaced when I was 12 and resulted in a body cast and subsequent corset with metal stays which I wore into my 20's.  Yoga saved me until my 50's when I began to get some back issues again and I have done many forms of yoga since then, finding, and staying with Himalayan Iyengar Yoga.

What Sharat and the Himalayan Centre offers is a concentrated, exceedingly professional and knowledgeable platform on which they address individual needs and concerns, no matter what your age.  Last year my Intensive Course included people young to old (into their 70's), most of whom had some physical problem.  This year I returned with two friends, each of whom has physical issues as well.  Sharat instills trust with his knowledge, expertise and focused concentration.  His students appreciate and learn his methodology through his close attention and from learning to trust themselves as well.

One need not be lithe, slim, or a yogini to appreciate this experience; only to be serious about learning and caring about the process.

It is a gift to oneself."