Mariana - Argentina

The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre is my home now. I live next to it, work there and have a great group of friends with who I share the practice and my free time. After my second or third 5 Days Course I knew I had to get into this technique. My humor, my energy and the awareness of my own body start to change very fast and a big smile took my face. The opportunity of receiving classes in exchange of my work is a dream come true. Now I am helping with the contents of the web site, taking pictures and assisting the teacher in the classes.

It is also about the place. The yoga hall is amazing, full equipped for a real good practice, and Dharamkot and its surroundings is a place where every yogi wants to live. The mountains, the silence, the air and the practice, everything comes together here. It is just about following the heart; life has wonderful surprises for everyone.