Tracy, Capetown - South Africa

I came to the HIYC 5 weeks ago, I was not expecting to be here for so long. I came here with a pretty broken heart, feeling really sad a little bit lost and wanting to come back to my yoga, wich I didn't do for a few month. So I started a 5 day course and immediately started to lift my spirit and let me get out of my mind and get back to my body, and started to ground me. So after I took the subsequence 5 days course and a Therapy course, which was intensive and challenging and It started to hill some things that I carry for a long time. The Centre is beautiful, full of flowers and has really lovely surroundings. And Sharat, the teacher, is quite a guru, he is not only a teacher. He is a master and spiritual guide for me, I am very grateful to him for having created the centre. And also, the teacher trainees are amazing people with a lot to share with you and guide you. It is an amazing place, if I could stay for other 3 or 4 month I think I would. I will come back.