Continuing Students 5-Day Yoga Course

Nina Steinberger, 43 (Austria)

Date: 25 December 2013

I enjoyed the Course for continuing students, especially the clarity and wisdom of the instructions. The week was a great healing for me. Sharat is a great wisdom teacher. Thank you so much!


Ulrike Dewes, 51 (Germany)

Date: 25 December 2013

I enjoyed it very much! Particularly I liked to hold the asanas very long because I feel that after the pose the muscles and mind relax. Instructions from Sharat were important! Throughout the week I felt relaxation in the neck where I was stiff before the course.

I liked very much the engagement of Sharat! I liked telling about the thoughts and how to enjoy and how to get rid of thinking and thinking and thinking!!! Throughout the week I feel that much tension in the neck was gone…helping by doing the shoulder stand.


Jens Dewes, 52 (Germany)

Date: 25 December 2013

First two days of Intro course were hard. From the third day I felt peace and relaxation in the poses. I was positively surprised by that. I have never notice that before. Some poses I couldn’t do before the course, but during the course I could feel the progress and benefits and I felt well supported. I learned a lot about yoga and myself and I am happy I did!

I enjoyed very much the continuing course. Good to have the right props for any need. I found the free breath in some poses- this helps me a lot for my practice. The guidance of Sharat was very helpful for me and gave me a feeling of security that wasn’t there before.


Christian Steinwender, 39 (Austria)

Date: 25 December 2013

Again it was a great experience. I liked the courses, treatments and adjustments. I like all the teachers and assistants, they do a great job. Everyone does as he/she is possible to do it.. Throughout the week calmness came step by step. I can feel different parts of my body much more dearly. The teaching refreshed many things. Thank you for teaching me! Ivana - Thank you for supporting me always in a very nice and smooth way!


Fidel Kamiel Siebert, 31 (Holland)

Date: 25 December 2013

Great. Very detailed instructions, very open and with a possitive mood. Throughout the Introductory course I felt more alive in the body, more relaxed and importantly more quite in the mind. Very helpful instructions. I’m looking forward to the internet instructions and book.

I had a very good time during continuing course as well. I’ve learnt a lot! I have enjoyed the hanging poses. Also the explanations of poses in details were very helpful and insightful.. Very detailed explanation how to do the poses and why to do them in this specific way - what benefits you’ll get from poses. Also how to use a props when you are not able to get into a pose completely. Throughout the week I feel more relaxed in the shoulders and also more relaxed, positive and calm in my mind. The emphasis on daily practice to get the benefits was a good reminder. You basically learn how to do the poses right so you can also learn how to do them at home.


Regina Tierney, 27 (Ireland)

Date: 25 December 2013

I loved the introductory course. It completely met my expectations and more. The greatest benefits this course has given me is a greater sense of self awareness, body and mind. Throughout the week my postures has improved, flexibility and better sense of self. Thank you so much to Sharat and his excellent assistants who provided such compassion and attentiveness during the week.

I very much enjoyed the continuing course. I liked the emphasis on awareness and feeling in to the body. Throughout the week I felt a great sense of happiness


Liz Gwinn, 34 (USA)

Date: 25 December 2013

Great! Loved having Sharat teaching introductory course and adjustments and help from Annia and Paolo were super. I found introductory course very good. More difficult than I thought but I really enjoyed it. Throughout the week I felt relaxation, calm mind and sciatica pain reduced. Thank you!!

Continuing course was fantastic! Liked Ivana as assistant teacher very much and of course studying with Sharat once again. I liked it so much that I decided to stay for second  week I wish I had more time in India as I would like to stay longer. I definitely felt a lot of emotional and psychological blocks beginning to dissolve in the second week. It was actually very difficult for me but I think very productive. I learned so much even in a short time and look forward to studying here ( and especially in Dharamsala) again.

Sharat can be tough but he is a great teacher and I appreciated it all.


Alex, 31 (Germany)

Date: 25 December 2013

Awesome teaching. Sharat Guruji, Thank You.. I found the course very nice and perfect. Throughout the week I felt more calm, space and freedom. All the best to Sharat and his team. Love and Light


Rudolf Buhn, 62 (Germany)

Date: 25 December 2013

Ivana corrected very well..


Cristina Sterie, 32 (Romania)

Date: 25 December 2013

I enjoyed everything. I found the  Continuing course very useful. Throughout the week I felt relaxation and calmness. Hope to come again. Wait to see how intensive course will be!