Eleni Laggis, Athens - Greece

Venue: 4 - 6 September 2015

About the Yoga Workshop with Sharat Arora
A little bit short, but still complete as it gives also the tools to continue your personal practice.

About Sharat Arora, the Yoga Teacher
Formidable teacher, saying with simple words, so much things to think about!

About the Sharat Arora Yoga Method / Yoga Teachings
Because it is somehow ‘easy’ to understand technically, it didn’t borrow the mind and body with too much details or discomfort, thus I could focus on my breathing and subtle movements of the body. In the same time, precision helped me to stay concentrated and not to harm myself. I also found that this method oriented me in an effort beyond the physical aspect of the asana.

About the Assistants
Very attentive, correcting and helping!

About the Yoga School where the Sharat Arora Yoga Workshop took place
The Zen Center was comfortable.

About the General Atmosphere and the Group that participated in the Yoga Workshop
Fine atmosphere.

Your Suggestions
Come again for longer time?