Maria Anagnostopoulou, Athens - Greece

Venue: 4 - 6 September 2015

About the Yoga Workshop with Sharat Arora
It was more than I expected. For sure it provided me what I was looking for, for my self-practice, and a lot more than that. For the workshop as in its fulfillment I find it complete in all its aspects. Very grateful for taking part in it.

About Sharat Arora, the Yoga Teacher
A pleasant and firm teacher effortful, carrying. With clear guidelines approachable, giving all the class what was needed to follow the Yoga teachings and methods.

About the Sharat Arora Yoga Method / Yoga Teachings
My feet where fully out of my attention and I saw how important they are. Moving my awareness where it should be, mediating, try to rest in the postures gave me a totally different approach.

I found the yoga teachings very enlighting. I had an insight in yoga that I haven’t had before in my practicing of yoga as clear as it was put in this workshop.

About the Assistants
All the assistants where very warm, attending and helping when it was needed in all of the class. Very happy of meeting them all.

About the Yoga School where the Sharat Arora Yoga Workshop took place
The Zen center was a very well organized and nice placed environment with all the comforts needed.

About the General Atmosphere and the Group that participated in the Yoga Workshop
All the atmosphere and group of participants were very pleasant and warm, orientated to the workshop supporting the good accomplishment of it.