Pranic Healing Intensive Course

Polina Mischenko Russia - USA

Date: March 2015

The course is challenging but totally worth it! It takes place in a serene and beautiful Himalayan valley. The perfect place for getting in touch with nature as well as going inside yourself. The course is well structured to help students take advantage of their environment as well as slowly begin to unwrap and explore their inner “environment”.

Sharat is great. He personalizes the teaching for every student. He sincerely wants his students to learn and begin the journey towards liberation in a healthy, happy and balanced manner. He has made me feel comfortable to be myself, while pushing me towards improving myself. Yaara has been very very helpful on this 3 week journey (and even before that in Goa). She has a great talent in explaining the postures in a simple fashion that makes it easy to understand and remember. She is an engaging teacher and a loving, fun person smile thank you Yaara!


Manu, India

Date: March 2015

The Course: In my opinion the course had a good pace of starting and ending.

The Teachers: The teaching staff was always very attentive and helpful.

The Teaching: The teachings were very precise and to the point. I loved it and would attend in the near future again.

The Ashram: It is a magical place.

The Support Staff: Lovely simple smiling people. Helpful and one feels the special warmth of the Himachali Heart in them.

The Group: Lovely, nice.


Eliza Hetterly, USA

Date: March 2015

The Course: Incredible and transformative. For me, it changed my yoga practice from something I did mostly for my body to something that aligns with my spiritual path. I really appreciated the philosophy behind all of the asanas and the connections made to Vipassana Meditation. Everything connected seamlessly. I’m leaving the course with a very strong foundation to continue my self-practice and self-discovery.

The Teachers and Assistants: I never knew what it truly meant to surrender to one’s teacher—what the guru—student relationship truly means—until this course with Sharatji. It is a wonderful feeling to have full faith in them. I am so blessed to have found this course and this teacher. Yaara—you are full of light and love and you help us make the adjustments in the asanas with such kindness and tenderness. Don’t forget to keep smiling smile. Zach – you have a beautiful gentleness when you speak and you answered all my questions with such patience and clarity.

The Teachings: For me, all of the teachings came together quite logically and clearly. There was a nice progression to the course, although the main principles were constant through out. I continued to make connections through the course and found my understanding deepening each day.
The Ashram – Beautiful. Much more comfortable that I expected, the location and close proximity to such beautiful nature was incredible. I was so happy to see the court and the garden smile.

The Food and Facilities - Aside from being a little repetitive, the food was delicious. The salads could use some inspiration and the chai needs some ginger and masala besides that, I loved the food.

(HIYC reply smile - not all the people like to have ginger and masala in their tea, we try to make simple menu so that it is easily digestible).
The Support Staff: Sushil is an angel. He was always so sweet and patient with all of our needs and questions. The rest of the staff did a great job cooking for us and keeping the area clean.

The Atmosphere: Beautiful and peaceful. The river was an amazing place to sit and contemplate in the afternoons.

Misc.: I was really glad that we gave up our phones, laptops, etc. at the beginning of the course. Though it was difficult at first, removing those distractions was absolutely essential for going “inward.” I was surprised at how quickly I forgot about all the outside, worldly concerns. Also, I really liked the individual consultations with Sharatji at the end of the course!


Suzana, Brazil

Date: March 2015

The Course: I liked the schedule of the course. Though it is very intensive it is still manageable for this period of time. Also, the division of categories of asanas helps to go in depth into it (different focus each day). The subjects, techniques and instruction are quite clear and we have the time to experience them in order to be an independent practitioner.

The Teacher and Assistants: The teacher is very honest in his knowledge, where it comes from, how he worked on it and his experiences. I think he was quite patient with all the meltdowns around and the questions repeating themselves. A lot of subjects were left to be approached later in the teachers training, which makes sense.

The Teachings: I experienced in the practice the things/points presented by the teacher as the goal (and also some effects) so, to that extent I believe in the practice, the teachings. I didn’t have any conflict not to believe in it.

The Ashram: Beautiful and well structured especially for being in the middle of the jungle, in the mountains and in India.

The Food/Facilities: Food was very nice, could be varied a little more. But in general, nice taste.

The Support Staff: Nice! I think they did a well job!

The Group: Lovely! Diverse people with genuine interest in yoga, different knowledge and backgrounds of experience!


Chloe Durand, France

Date: March 2015

The Course: Interesting, good rhythm and day schedule.

The Teacher and Assistants: Nice, patient, and supportive. Double thanks to Yaara.

Support Staff: Nice, smiling, open and present if we needed them.

Atmosphere: The nature allows peace


Dittmar, Germany

Date: March 2015

Course is good

Teacher is extra ordinary

Assistants are very good

Ashram is incredible

Food is good

Support staff is brilliant

Atmosphere was supporting

Group was various

Suggestions: go on with it


Sara Saberi, Iran

Date: March 2015

I really like Sharat Arora. He really puts all of his energy in to the course. I really like the way he makes postures and life simple. This simplicity and ease brings a lot of happiness to my life and me. I feel like I need many years with him to truly learn what he is teaching. I liked the assistants also. They really worked with their heart and always were available to help. The Ashram is beautiful and surrounded with nature. It takes you inside and cleans your mind, eyes, lungs and ears from the city life. We had a very simple food and very nice and simple sweets. For me it was nice because it made me think about my food habits. I love sweets and I love to follow my favorite foods, especially when I am sad. But with the Ashram food I learned how to control my desires. I learned how to appreciate my food and each bite from keeping silent while eating.

Actually the silent days help me to know how much I spend time outside. When I was silent I could stay more inside and watch myself.


Reginald Rompies, Netherlands - UK

Date: March 2015

Course: Overall very good 3 week intensive yoga course

Teacher and Assistants: Sharat and his assistants Yaara and Zach were good.

The Teachings: The course was very intensive and within 3 weeks you become independent on your practice. The teachings are all experienced by Sharat himself. I love the teachings during the classes, especially Sharat’s stories.

The Ashram: One word: PARADISE

The Food and Facilities: Knowing that the whole ashram is not accessible by car and all building materials have been brought to the site by mule and horse it is top not. Warm/cold water showers clean linen, working toilets, beautiful surroundings, and awesome yoga hall. Food during the course was local food what I prefer. I would have preferred more raw veggies though, as salad was usually served for lunch, not for dinner. For the yoga course the food was better than I have experienced at other yoga courses.

The Support Staff: Good and friendly.

The Atmosphere: I did not allow other to spoil my stay at the ashram, even though several people of my group never stayed silent during silent days, no effort to even whisper instead. I focused on my own experience to go within.

The Group: It was very nice to see such a variety of people of so many countries together. Great to meet several people we know from the HIYC 5-Day Courses in Goa.

I would love to come for a course every year and I would recommend it to everyone.


Glenn Loovet, France

Date: March 2015

Course and teachings were over my expectations day after day, week after week more subtle teachings are reviled with a deep truth. By the end we got a clear understanding because information are given in a really pedagogic and progressive way.

The Teacher is great Guru! He definitely gives light to the students with an endless “shineingness”. He is a loving compassionate, sharp and knows how to bring students on the right Path… Assistants were really dedicated with a strong will to share experiences and help… all from their heart! If Zack is inspiring with his peacefulness, Yaara is definitely and angel smile

The Ashram is sincerely a paradise. Surrounded by beautiful nature, by a river were baths are really energetic! And at the foot of the Dhaulandar Range!!!

The Food and Facilities: All great for my taste. Accommodation is really comfy too.

The Support Staff is really helpful and loving people smile


Francois, France

Date: March 2015

I got everything I needed from that pranic intensive course, what else or what more?

I feel lucky and blessed that I could receive those precious teachings in such a perfect place with facilities conveniently dispatched and from teacher I felt were sharing their experienced knowledge from the depth of their heart, with, let’s say, conviction and love. The group was perfect too, so many different individualities each one here to help in one way or the other.

The Supportive Staff (Indian) is very friendly and could be more efficient in important matters but can we expect more from them? They also provide an opportunity to work on equanimity. All I can say from my experience is that practitioners staff are always more efficient and “metta” charged than non-practitioner but it so obvious that I am not sure about the need to point it out…

Anyway, to resume, I just feel blessed and grateful to everyone and everything for this course.