Yoga & Ayurveda Intensive Course

Marcela Boben, Slovenia

Date: September 2014

The course was all about understanding our body and mind, through asanas, pranayama, meditation and ayurveda. Very informative and specially practical, very well structured, so that we were able to building up the knowledge of the asanas day after day, because the aim is to make a student independent in his daily practice, that it becomes a routine.

Teaching us that yoga is all about the awareness, of being in our body and not in the mind, our sensations, balance. Where there is balance, there is freedom, peace and that brings happiness.

In the teaching of asanas, the main attention is on the work with the feet. They are our roots that ground us and bring us into the present moment. And this is all that we have. The teacher is really inspiring, teaching us from his long-life experiences and he was encouraging us to experiment of ourselves and being our own teacher, in our daily yoga practice. Very motivating and supportive, very generous in the delivery of his knowledge. Wise and witty!

The assistant teacher Yaara is very clear in her explanations, very precise and helpful in the corrections of the poses.

The teachings were clear, the instructions and corrections very helpful. A lot of explanations and practice.

The ashram is placed in the beautiful nature, in the middle of the jungle, near the river.

The facilities were really good, the houses where we were staying very pretty, so was the yoga hall, dining room, very spaceful, well equipped and quiet.

The food was really good, fresh and tasteful. A lot of variety and sweets.

Staff were very kind, supportive, helpful. Sushil is a real sunshine.

The atmosphere was great. Very relaxed and friendly, we made beautiful bonds between us. About the group - I couldn’t wish more. Very nice, friendly people, very
genuine and real, in the search of finding a deeper meaning and understanding of life in general through the practice of yoga.


Anastasia Tikhouva, France

Date: September 2014

Good course, I enjoyed it very much. The teacher is very good.

The teaching was very good.

The ashram is amazing place, I love it smile

The food and facilities were very good. Very nice everyone.

The atmosphere was very good, very peaceful.

The group was very nice with good energy.


Sabien De Klerck, Belgium

Date: September 2014

I really enjoyed a lot! It was not always easy, but Yaara and Sharat were always there to help me out.

The Teacher: Very very good, as well to help counter as to explain clearly, sees everything. You really learn every second.

The Teaching: It all makes one big circle of understanding. Everything is just so right, just by experience nature shows it to you.

The Food and Facilities: Great room and staff made our food with lots of love.

The Ashram: Amazing place! We spend the time here with our two children. They just adored it!!

The People (support staff): Great!! Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

The Atmosphere: We all enjoyed it so so much. Everyone is so nice.

The Group: We were here with our two children and everyone was so outstanding to us and the children.


Zachary Peters, USA

Date: September 2014

Yoga boot-camp, maybe that says it best. But with such a charged wording perhaps I should explain. Yoga to me is as vast and as beautiful as the nights sky, and one can easily devote a whole life to chasing its shooting stars; kundalini rising, chakra healing, pranic power, sidhas, etc. However, Sharat will remind you (and remind you again) the yoga sutras say we must practice constantly and for a long time. So we must not lose the focus on why we turned our eyes to the heavens in astonishment in the first place, for Truth. I know with my short attention span I often forget this when I see the latest acroYoga youtube video. For me and all of us who suffered for distraction of curiosity and passion, no less than a yoga boot-camp is need to take us back to the ground, to ‘the heal’, to the breath, ‘to Freedom’.

Forewarning, do not come for rest, come for the rations for the rest of your practicing life and take as much as you can.
On the Teacher: A passionate practitioner adamant about you getting it, what more can you ask for.

Staff: Wonderful and loving—a supple softness balancing the firm strength of the program.

Ashram: If you are a yoga teacher or desire to be one you most likely have dreamed about building a sanctuary in nature for yoga.

Himalaya Shanti Ashram is exactly that, a Yogi’s dream ashram the flesh, organically grown from a yogi’s dreams.

Topic: Yoga and Ayurveda. The main focus was yoga keeping to Patanjali intensions, quite a remarkable feat. Ayurveda is an optional subtopic good for beginners or a
refreshing reminder.

Comments: I have looked a while for a practice which makes sense. Most yoga I have experienced had a fitness focus. The spiritual yoga schools I tried didn’t teach asanas.

Sharat has discovered a rare balance founded in knowledge passed down from great teachers and personal experience it is a real tangible spiritual and physical experience.

Food and Facilities: Great food! In fact it was rough focusing in on class when it got close to meal time. The staff does a great job at making balanced meals as well as trying to be as local and sustainable as possible (they have a small farm and cows on property).


Catarina Ferreira Piedade, Portugal

Date: September 2014

It over take my expectation. It was not just a course about how to do correctly yoga postures but a way to know more about our self and become more aware about our body and mind.

The energy of Sharat and the way he teaches were fundamental for the success of the course.

The teachings were shared with examples by the teacher and the practice was always guided by him and his assistant teacher, helping to correct the postures.

The ashram offer very good conditions not just the yoga hall but also the accommodations. The location is in a green valley dominated by a river and surrounded by forest, away from the villages, offering a perfect place for focus the mind and for the  yoga practice.

Amazing food, balanced and very yummy, offering a big variety day by day.

The staff was always helpful arrange all the necessary things needed, with a joyful feeling.

The atmosphere at the ashram was always good with a very good connection and interactions between each others.

The group was balance creating a good energy helping and supporting each others.

The size of the group was adequate for the conditions of the ashram and also for the yoga classes.


Sue Bu Da, China

Date: September 2014

I liked the intensive course so much; even it is the first time I did an intensive course so long. About three weeks I didn’t feel too tired. By physically I felt so much lighter after the course. In the course we got explained all the poses in a very clear way, must important I learned where and how to put the awareness on my body, as well as I learned about the importancy of foundations.

Sharat is one of the most excellent teachers, I like the way he explains Asanas and Pranayama, his teaching is very safe and accurate, I got the right direction of how to practice and heal myself from Sharat teaching. Meanwhile my Pranayama practices get leaded in a quite clear way.

The food, the ashram the staff and whole situation: Firstly I would like to thank this amazing chance that I got here, in the ashram. I feel very comfortable and safe, it’s a beautiful place surrounded by river, mountains and trees. I feel grateful for that I could isolate from all other things to by giving the short term of life in this beautiful place. I liked the way all of us needed to do Karma yoga and as well as had the chance to be silent in some of days, it gave me more inner oncentration. I liked the food so much, it’s just so tasty and healthy in any way and Sushil and all the staff are very nice people here, they always do the best to us which is so heartwarming.

In the end I would like to thank again to my teacher Sharat who is so patient with me and tried to give us his best teaching and knowledge. As well as to Yaara, for er restless help, patience, open hearted and with always great smile!

It was a great days in the course and I wish the best to the ashram!


Anshu Tripthi, India

Date: September 2014

The course was amazing. The peace, the calmness I got things can’t express in words.

Teachers are very encouraging hand working. I am very lucky to have teacher like them. Teachings are very innovative. They prepare us for the achievement of ultimate
goal of life-peace.

Ashram ambience is adorable. Its natural beauty is very nice. The people and the support staff are very helping and nice. Atmosphere is very lively and energetic.

The group was very enthusiastic and helpful. Every this very nice and I want to appreciate all the things from bottom of my heart.

I suggest to explore these things in India; this is such a wonderful thing for our life. I wish more and more people of my country come and join the course.



Antoon Walgrave, Belgium

Date: September 2014

The course was very clear, well build up, I learned a lot; not just about yoga but also about life in general. Thank you so much. Sharat breath yoga, he is a very good teacher, inspiring, loving, wise person. The teaching was clear and true.

The ashram is a beautiful place. The facilities perfect and the food were good and healthy. The people were nice and friendly, great atmosphere and very nice group. I am very happy that we could take part in this course and that our children allowed also. Hope to be back soon!

Dafne Perez, Mexico

Date: September 2014

The course was amazing. It taught me the true meaning about yoga and path to happiness. Sharat is a great teacher; he is an expert and guide for this path. I always feel confidant all the things he taught us. Teaching was really interesting and full of knowledge and wisdom. Also I learn so much about my body and be aware with the union with the mind.

The ashram is a really nice and quiet place; Perfect to go within and find balance.

The food and facilities were great; I really enjoy the food every day. The staff and the people are really nice and help you with everything you need. The atmosphere was great, all the people was amazing. We had a really good group.


Maria Meilgaard, Denmark

Date: September 2014

It was full of intensive good balance between physical and spiritual. Sharat is just the best teacher and a good entertainer, wise and fun. Yaara is the best assistant; she is 100% devoted to Sharat's teaching and brings also her own knowledge and feminine touch. The teaching is great.

The ashram is wonderful both in placement totally surrounded by nature and away from the world and in a beautiful construction/architecture of houses and yoga hall. The food was very good and lovely dining hall. Sushil is absolutely fantastic and helpful, supported staff good. The atmosphere was very peaceful and amazing. The group was good.