Continuing Students 5-Day Yoga Course

Michael Birrer, 32 (Swiss) M

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I went through some simple but amazing changes, so I enjoyed it very much.

It is a new way to help my body and mind to improve slowly and without disturbances.

Sharat is a true master; these words went through my mind with no resistance.

I felt a lot of changes throughout the second week.  I developed a more precise practice.

Stay pure and believe in future.


Neeraj Krishna, 13 (India)

Date: 11-15 June 2015

I enjoyed the time with yoga.

I love the course because now I am feeling good.

I like the teacher because he teaches me very good.

Now I am more flexible.




Harry Bhullar

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I have had 3 wonderful weeks, each week better than the last.

I loved the yoga, the precision and the details of the teaching.

Sharat is great and generous.

I feel a lot of changes after 3 weeks.

It was a great experience. Thank you!

Sue Garn, 58 (Israel) F

Date: 19-22 June 2015

I very much enjoyed the time at the HIYC.

Some days were more challenging and intense, but I learned a lot about meeting the challenge, believing in myself and taking steps for further self-development.

I also really liked the teacher and the support staff.

I feel more relaxation and awareness to bring that state to myself.

Voledynyr Rhupovey, 39 (Ukraine) M

Date: 4-8 June 2015

I liked the HIYC very much.

The teaching was great and the course too.

Leo is a great teacher.

Bob Pasley, 64 (USA) M

Date: 4-8 June 2015

Back to back 5 day courses allowed me an opportunity to further develop what was learned in week one.

I enjoyed the course. Very challenging yet fulfilling. The training was very insightful.

Leo and his assistance Polina were great. They expanded our knowledge and challenged us to improve our practice.

Week two removed another layer of stress and brought a big movement to my physical body and channeled my mental focus.

I am extremely thankful to Yaara for her encouragement to continue my practice.

Felicia Makisen, 27 (Australia) F

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I enjoyed the HIYC very much. I will attend another course, it speaks for itself.

The teaching and the teacher were splendid! The next course (after introduction course) lifted the practice on another level; deeper, more intense, more asanas. We gained new tools to activate balance in body and mind.

I feel great! What a blessing that Sharat thought us. I appreciated it to the fullest. A true master, who I want to learn from more.

Life and practice changing teachings! So yes, there were beautiful effects on myself.

Daniel Fernandez, 46 (Spain) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I enjoyed a lot with a deep practice. I liked both the teaching and the course.

The teacher was perfect.

I am having a deep process since I started three weeks ago.

Gal Gerassy, 25 (Israel) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I had a great time! It was a great experience for me.

During and after the class I was more relaxed and calm.

Thank you very much for everything.

Rodrigo de la Barrera, 27 (Mexico) M

Date: 28 May - 1 June 2015

I am enjoying a lot and learning many things.

Teaching is very precisely and I like that it takes much time to learn this “style” of Hatha Yoga.

I liked a lot Yaara’s first course and this third with Sharat was very deep.

And I like that both took time to come to each of us.

I feel more aware of my imbalances and sometimes I can feel how my body releases tension.

This is real teaching.