About the Yoga Back Pain Workshop

Iyengar Yoga is therapeutic for the body and mind. The evolution of Iyengar Yoga as taught by Master Teacher Sharat Arora gives a wonderful practice sequence to release old chronic tensions and heal physical, as well as energetic, misalignments. In this Yoga Workshop we focus specifically on helping a bad back. We concentrate on specific asanas and their modifications to give you the tools to heal your back pain.

This Yoga Workshop is structured around two regular 5-Day Courses, taught by Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora.

The curriculum is that of the 5-Day Course but with special modifications and adjustments where needed for those who are on this Yoga for Back Pain Course. In afternoon sessions during the second week new postures will be taught for lower, middle and upper back problems, as well as instruction on how to sit straight and comfortably and how to relax to alleviate tension of the back and body in general.

Who is this Yoga Back Pain Workshop for?

This Yoga Workshop for Back Pain is for anyone suffering any kind of chronic or acute back ache of lower, middle or upper back. If you suffer with lumbago, bulging or herniated discs, scoliosis, lordosis/kyphosis and hips or other imbalances leading to back pain then this is the course for you. It is not a course in learning to treat back pain as a yoga therapist.

Yoga Back Pain Workshop Schedule

Students will follow one Introductory 5-Day Course, enjoy two days break and then continue for a further ‘Returning Students’ 5-Day Course. During the second week students will have extra afternoon sessions conducted by one of Master Sharat’s trained teachers.

Days 1-5
Morning: Introductory Course with Master Teacher Sharat Arora*+

Days 8 – 12
Morning: Returning Students Course with Master Sharat +

Afternoon: 2-hour session with the assistant teacher.

* The first day of the Introductory Course will begin at 9.30; thereafter, the Teacher and the group will decide class timings for the rest of the week.

+ Classes conducted by Master Teacher Sharat Arora may be recorded by audio, video and photography for the purpose of archiving the teachings.

If you require a diagnosis privately you can pay ₹1800/- for a 30-minute consultation with Master Sharat and his assistants at the Centre on arrival. Please note that the consultations/diagnosis are only on offer for the students who signed for this Special Workshop and not for students who are on the 5-Day Course only.


This course takes place at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Arambol, North Goa.

Yoga Workshop for Back Pain Booking & Deposit

Yoga Workshop for Back Pain Fee: ₹17,500/-

Note: Food & Accommodation NOT INCLUDED

To ensure a place in the course, you should book in advance. For booking and deposit please click here and fill up the booking form and make the online payment using Debit card / Credit card / Internet banking. You may Contact us to check availibility for your dates.

Please read Yoga for Back Pain Workshop Requirements for Participation, Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions of Payment.

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