I was a neuroscientist working on body perception when I got introduced to Sharat Arora's yoga method in 2016. I am familiar with the practice of hatha yoga since childhood thanks to my mum who is also a yoga teacher but I really started dedicating my life to yoga two years ago after discovering Sharat's method. I literally fell in love with the clarity, groundedness and peace of mind that this practice brought into my life.  It inspired me to change my entire lifestyle but also gave me new insights on how to orient my scientific research on body perception. I spent nine months in India in the past two years to be trained as a yoga teacher with sharat, including intensive self practice at the ashram, assisting Sharat in his teaching and in therapy with patients as well as teaching under sharat supervision. I am always learning from Sharat and now teaching his method in Germany (Tuebingen- daily classes- and in France -workshops/weekends-). I am also aiming at developing a research program in collaboration with the himalayan Iyengar yoga center oriented towards understanding the effects of the SharatAroraYoga method on the body/mind for healthy people and patients presenting specific body perception disorders.