Assisting Program:

After the TTC, you may be invited to assist at our Centre in Dharamkot and then Goa.

As an assistant you must be flexible, fast, intuitive and supportive to the needs of the teacher and the students. An assistant is very important in the class for both the teacher and to the experience of the students. To maintain our high standards, we have a thorough assisting program, which you must undergo before any teaching in the Centre is possible.

When you are in training you will:

  • Regularly practise corrections on each other from what you observe in the class.
  • Weekly attend group Corrections class + Q&A with a senior teacher. You may be asked to demonstrate poses in these sessions.
  • Give self-evaluation of your learning process and your capabilities as an assistant.

Please note:

  • We accept only serious practitioners who wish to work on themselves & develop their teaching skills. The minimum time period for assisting, unless you come directly from TTC, is 3 months. Shorter applications will be considered for returning teachers.
  • We will select those students who are interested and who prove efficient during TTC, at our discretion.
  • We have a limited number of assisting positions available. If we are full to capacity you may be added to a waiting list and we will notify you if and when it becomes possible for you to come.

To maintain the quality of our teachings:

We consider a certified TTC with minimum 3 months of internship to be the full teachers training program. It will help to give you the edge in a competitive yoga market. After minimum of 6 months you will be promoted as an AFFILIATED TEACHER of the Sharat Arora Yoga Method* on our website to our students around the world if you decide to teach purely the SAYM. At this point you are eligible to attend our Second Level Teachers Training Course (TTC2). The TTC2 is scheduled exclusively every 2-3 years or when we have enough experienced and Affiliated Teachers who are ready for this progression. Only teachers at this level may attend and afterwards will be a certified LEVEL 2 Teacher.

*Certification and affiliation remain at Sharat Arora’s discretion and length of time may vary on an individual basis and will be based on your performance in class and the monthly assessments.

If you have any questions, please email